Snorkeling in the outback

Cayos de Albuquerque, San Andres Islands

Position:12° 09 N, 081° 50 W

Mit dabei:Rosi Börer (Swiss employee), Reinhold Clementi (Italian entrepreneur and diver), Meno Smits (Dutch IT businessman)

This uninhabited archipelago is located in the middle of the Caribbean basin, only 90 nautical miles east of the Nicaraguan coast, but on Colombian territory. Here you will find the “best snorkeling area that I have seen in the last 21 years when I started to live at sea”. Small and large blacktip sharks, nurse sharks, stingrays, eagle rays with an enormous span, large shoals of rainbow snappers, living coral reefs in all colors – all to be seen when snorkeling from the anchorage. Hardly anyone knows Cayos Albuquerque. Friendly fishermen only come here sometimes.

To get to this exceptional anchorage, you first have to find the entrance through the outer reef. Then you sail “zigzag” between the enormous coral heads to the island of Cayo Norte. It takes a little courage and a shallow catamaran to find the safe anchorages here, away from any tourism. The Cayos de Albuquerque archipelago is a place for individualists who feel at ease on a sea-going sailing catamaran in this incomparable ambience. That’s exactly what JONATHAN was built for.

Colorful underwater worldColorful underwater world