Green Cruising

To avoid waste a SODASTREMER is installed on JONATHAN. Together with the drinking water system with mineral recycling, we no longer need bottled water or softdrinks. Soft drinks are also produced in a waste-saving manner – as is the case with syrup in the catering industry. Soda is added to high-quality drinking water and then mixed with Coce, Sprite, Diet Coce, Coce Zero, … syrup. The waste savings on drinking water and soft drink  bottles are therefore enormous.

JONATHAN’s energy system was designed to serve two purposes: Firstly, to produce environmentally friendly electricity by harnessing sun and wind energy; secondly, the objective was to use, and save, energy wisely, without losing comfort. 2.5 KW solar panels provide electricity on JONATHAN under standard conditions. The diesel generator is used only as a back-up. When the diesel engines are in operation, four large alternators feed the ship’s batteries.

To save electricity, JONATHAN is equipped with energy-saving, bright LED lamps. The navigation lights need as little as one tenth of the conventional filament lights – with a higher light output. The modern radar system can be switched electronically to energy-saving mode, without loss of security, thus reducing the power consumption by 70 percent. The freezers are well insulated and keep food and drinks cool with the lowest possible power consumption. We will never run out of ice for wonderful Caribbean cocktails.

Internet is provided on JONATHAN via a modern and fast satellite communication system via W-Lan (50 to 200 Mbit/s downstream, upload values 10 to 20 Mbit/s, latency time is only 20-40 ms). Thanks to modern control technology, the otherwise power-hungry system on board is operated in a power-saving manner.