Karl Heinz Edler

Karl Heinz – called Carlos – is a trained aircraft technician and was a pilot of small aircarfts. He graduated in business administration. The self-made man was a motorcycle racer, extreme skier and still loves adventure.

With more than 200,000 eventful nautical miles on various seagoing ships, Karl Heinz is one of the most experienced catamaran sailors. His friends include and included many members of the sailing community, dropouts and circumnavigators, such as the four-time single-handed circumnavigator “Utz” Müller-Treu.

Sabine and CarlosSabine and Carlos
Sabine und CarlosSabine und Carlos
Karl Heinz EdlerKarl Heinz Edler
Karl Heinz EdlerKarl Heinz Edler
Karl Heinz an BordKarl Heinz an Bord
Tauchen mit Karl HeinzTauchen mit Karl Heinz
Karl Heinz und „Utz“ Müller-TreuKarl Heinz und „Utz“ Müller-Treu