The trips in Cuba are two-week trips (please check Cruise schedule). JONATHAN is the most modern and best equipped catamaran in its class that you can find in Cuba (see also:

Where we sail

We sail the south coast of Cuba: Isla de la Juventud – Archipelago Canareos – Cayo Largo – Cienfuegos – Trinidad – Jardinas de la Reina. There are 2 kayaks, stand up paddle board, wake board, motor boat, air conditioning if desired, … Good food, fine wines, a cultivated ambience, observing nature both above and below water are part of Sabine’s and Carlo’s world of pleasure, which they are happy to share. Sabine cooks on board (see also, also vegetarian if desired. Both speak fluent Spanish.

Sailing, snorkeling, diving, dancing

As we sail 2-week trips, we sail in “holiday mode”, enjoying all places to go, without hurry.

Gorgeous sandy beaches, tropical weather, salsa tunes and one of the longest coral reefs on the planet. Sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving (on board fins, snorkel, masks, quiet compressor, diving tanks and weights) – can be combined very well here. The underwater flora and fauna in Cuba is one of the most diverse in the Caribbean. Carlos lived and sailed in Cuba for three years, right here between Santiago de Cuba and Havana. He recorded in detail snorkeling and diving spots as well as the self-created maps which helps safe and precise navigation, diving and snorkeling.

Sabine and Carlos love to dance salsa, dancers on board also get their money’s worth here. The cities Cienfuegos and Trinidad on the sailing routs offer a lot of music, culture and entertainment. Diving and sailing can be easily combined on JONATHAN. Most of the time we snorkel and dive directly from the boat. If that’s not possible, we’ll take the ship’s own motorboat to the sites.

Drifting in the waterDrifting in the water
Monkey feeding in CubaMonkey feeding in Cuba
Playa Sirena in Cayo LargoPlaya Sirena in Cayo Largo
Sailing grounds of CubaSailing grounds of Cuba
Excursion to TrinidadExcursion to Trinidad
Bar in TrinidadBar in Trinidad
Cuban flagCuban flag
Near CubaNear Cuba
Turquoise colored water off CubaTurquoise colored water off Cuba
Shore excursionShore excursion
Sunset in CubaSunset in Cuba
Crystal clear turquoise water in CubaCrystal clear turquoise water in Cuba
Oldtimer in CubaOldtimer in Cuba
Salsa in CubaSalsa in Cuba